Trescon has a human resource infrastructure supported by well trained and qualified Programmers/Software Engineers, Customer Support Executives, Database Administrators, Systems Engineers, Network Supporting Engineers and Marketing Executives. There is a mutual understanding and cooperation between the various staff and they all engage in a Teamwork to get things done in the right way properly guided by the Management.

Trescon provides an ideal environment for all categories of employees to work in a flexible, but organized manner. Programmers can enrich their coding skills, enhance their real-life project management experience. All staff get opportunity to enhance their interpersonal skills and last but not least, enjoy a software career with a feeling that they are working from their own home itself! Obviously they find it interesting and rewarding to work at Trescon.

Trescon Software does not offer you Moon! But once you are in Trescon you would certainly have a feeling that you are on the way comfortably, properly equipped and guided. Trescon provides you an ideal environment to enrich your coding skills, enhance your real-life project management experience and interpersonal skills and last but not least, enjoy a software career with a feeling that you are working from your own home itself. Trescon Software. Pvt. Ltd is a software firm who thinks big. Naturally we have a big list of clients even with our small list of employees. Since the client list gets even bigger as time advances, we feel the need of stretching the employee list too a little bit bigger. Yes, Trescon is looking for software whizkids with the right aptitude and attitude. We respect if you have a formal training in IT/Computer Science with some experience in DOT NET. But we respect freshers too with some adrenalin pumping.


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